Foto’s Bep Voskuijl

Op deze pagina vindt u enkele foto’s die het zorgzame en betrokken leven van Bep Voskuijl goed weerspiegelen.

Bep Voskuijl and Otto Frank were very close, also after the war.

From time to time, Otto visited the Van Wijk family in Amsterdam. Bep’s children, to whom he was like an uncle, remember that the whole house was cleaned on those occasions. Everything had to be in “tip top shape.” In the Netherlands, Otto often stayed at a hotel in Noordwijk, not far from Amsterdam, where Bep would sometimes visit him with “Jopie.” But when the conversation headed in a certain direction, Joop noticed he was a third wheel. He would get some money to get himself a snack, and Bep would laugh: “little pitchers have long ears!”

A subject that often came up was Bep’s marriage, which had its struggles. They also didn’t shy away from Cor’s difficult professional life (his company sometimes didn’t get enough orders). It was characteristic of Otto to always offer his financial support in such cases […]

The money she received obviously touched her. In June 1960, she apologized in a letter to Otto, because she’d failed to “stop the tears” during their last meeting. She had been upset by his offer to give her yet another significant amount. Probably because the Van Wijk family sorely needed the money for the baby, who would be born in five months: “I don’t have to tell you how infinitely grateful we are, I know you don’t like me writing about that, yet I still believe such things shouldn’t be ‘taken for granted.’ I simply can’t separate your person and the thought of what has been in everything and in each occasion.”

4 reasons to buy this book:

  1. A never-before-told story, directly from the source.
  2. A carefully hidden truth.
  3. Boundless courage and loyalty in life.
  4. We should never forget what happened in WWII.

These issues form the mission of this book for young and old.

I truly love this book!


This book has more of an in depth information and account about Bep Voskuijl. I am so glad to learn about her. I can relate and understand what and how Bep have gone through. She was afraid, nervous, and few others but amazingly she was very brave to deal and handle things during the WWII and Nazi persecutions. I am truly glad and pleased that Bep and Anne Frank became very good friends.

Deborah A. Kamrowski on

“I must uphold my ideals,
for perhaps
the time will come
when I shall be able to
carry them out.”

Anne Frank